Biomedical Informatics Network is a network of Biomedical Informatics (P) Ltd (registration number: 047859), Biomedical Informatics Society (registration serial number: 1185/2007) and Agro-Informatics Society (registration number: 587/2009) for service in healthcare and biotechnology (including agriculture) sector. The vision of Biomedical Informatics is to promote Biomedical Science and Biotechnology in the interest of mankind and society. We promote scientific discussions, publications, organize scientific meetings, forums, training, education and research. We also work towards developing technologies for the biomedical and biotechnology community and society. We are working for the development and progress of farmers and farm laborers. The network facility is located at the head office in Irulan Sandy Annex, Pondicherry, India with a modern research and development facility for vaccine design and Agro-informatics. Thus, the network is a constituted body of Biomedical Informatics (P) Ltd - BMPL, Biomedical Informatics Society (BMIS) and Agro-Informatics Society (AGIS).

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